“The conducting helps. Pacing a company of entirely Swedish singers, save for Brenna, most of whom would not consider themselves Wagnerians, Evan Rogister demonstrated tautness, intimacy, ear for pre-Wagnerian orchestral color and focus on text that has given his first Ring cycle genuine musical distinction. Rogister’s Götterdämmerung adds a new ferocity, an occasional hard edge and a blossoming freedom to the more mercurial style he brought to the earlier operas. Rogister, Langridge and the Gothenburgers have given us a Ring with musical and dramatic impact that is absolutely of its time, and entirely of its place. That is no small accomplishment.”

Andrew Mellor, OPERA NEWS

05 Dec 21“Ragnarök” Wagner Göteborg Opera, Göteborg, Sweden

“The Gothenburg Opera had put together a cast without flaws, with an impressive number of singers drawn from their own ensemble. The orchestra also played at a consistently high level and rightly received enthusiastic applause between acts. Evan Rogister’s sense of structure and tempo is excellent, driving the music without over-rushing it and skilfully varying dynamics. Orchestral solo pieces such as Siegfried’s funeral march were able to carry people away, but the singers were also supported sensitively. The orchestra brought out the colours and subtleties of the score very effectively, avoiding the trap of too dense texture that poses a risk in Wagnerian performances.”