“As Maestro Evan Rogister guided the Met Orchestra through the evening’s program, his baton weaving the complex tapestry of sound that underpinned each performance, the symbiosis between singer and orchestra reminded us of opera’s enduring power. In a world increasingly fragmented, the unity of music, voice, and narrative offered a respite, a reminder of the shared humanity that art, at its best, can illuminate. Rogister was a cheerleader for the singers and, no doubt, a reassuring presence, not there to impose his vision but to allow the vocalists to shine.”


“Sunday’s Finals before a packed audience featured three sopranos, two mezzos, four tenors and one baritone performing their pair of arias, this time with the Met Orchestra smoothly conducted by Evan Rogister.”

The Observer

“The Met Orchestra, did its usual outstanding job in the concert, under Evan Rogister, turning on a dime to keep up with the changing styles of the composers being highlighted and helping the youthful performers stay on track.”

Broadway World